MINDCHANGERS: a subgranting opportunity for Civil Society Organisations of Dolj County, Romania – UPDATED

The EU project “Mindchangers: Regions and youth for Planet and Peoplelaunches a subgranting opportunity for Civil Society Organisations of Dolj County, Romania,  to engage young citizens on sustainable development, migration and climate change


Mindchangers: Regions and youth for Planet and People” (CSO-LA/2020/415-010) is a consortium-based European project led by Regione Piemonte (Italy).  The Consortium gathers six european partners: the Consortium of Piedmont Ngos (COP), University of Craiova, Region Baden-Württemberg and SEZ (Germany), Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Belgium), Region La Rioja and CONGDCAR (Spain), RESACOOP (France).

It is financed by the European Commission within the call EuropeAid/160048/DH/ACT/Multi “Raising public awareness of development issues and promoting development education in European Union (DEAR) – Lot 3: Focussed and strategic pan-European campaigns on targeted priorities bringing EU Development policy and EU answers to global challenges closer to citizens led by a Local Authority or Association of LAs, from all EU member states”.

The overall objective of this EU project is to strengthen EU young citizens’ engagement and increase general public’s awareness towards 2030 Agenda and the European Consensus in 6 EU countries. It will be pursued through communication actions and capacity building of small and medium Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Local Authorities (LAs).

Subgranding is the project core activity whose aim is to fund CSOs’ projects willing to engage youth on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in particular on two focus areas: Climate Change and Migration.

Two Calls for Proposals will be launched in each of the 6 EU Regions involved (Piemonte-IT, Baden-Württemberg-DE, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles-BE, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes-FR, La Rioja-ES, Dolj-RO). The first implementation period (Round 1) will take place from 1st October 2021 to 31st December 2022. The call for proposals for Round 2 will be launched in 2022.

The present Call is launched by the Consortium of Piedmont Ngos in collaboration with the University of Craiova, and it is open to Civil Society Organisations based in the Dolj County, Romania.

The text below is a summary of the call. If you wish to apply, please consult all the documents.


Objectives of the call

This call will fund projects aimed at youth engagement on SDGs and in particular on two focus areas: Climate Change and Migration.

These projects will have to actively engage young citizens (between 15 and 35 years old) in the Dolj County and outside of the formal school system.

Who can apply?

Civil Society Organizations based in the Dolj County.

Two or more organizations can join together to submit the same project; in this case, an organization has to be appointed as lead applicant, the others are considered as co-applicants.

Lead applicants and co-applicants must:

  • be officially existing as a legal person and
  • be non-profit-making and
  • be established or based (headquarters or decentralised office) in Dolj County, Romania and
  • have existed since at least 2 years and
  • be small or medium-sized organisations (less than EUR 2 million yearly turn over in the last two years) and
  • have at least 30 members/supporters/volunteers in the region to ensure popular anchorage and
  • be working on sectors related to international cooperation and/or global citizenship education, to be demonstrated by their statutes and
  • demonstrate to have carried out activities in the field of development awareness raising/campaigning/communication/global learning for at least the last 2 years and
  • not have had EU DEAR funding as lead applicant, co-applicant, sub-contractor or third party (having used subgranting) in the frame of the current DEAR call (EuropeAid/160048/DH/ACT/Multi).

Involvement of Local Authorities in the proposed projects should be fostered somehow and it is highly recommended.

Which kind of projects will be financed?

In order to be selected, projects will have to :

  • Contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and the pillars “People” and “Planet” of the European Consensus on Development through awareness raising and youth engagement.
  • Strengthen and support the partnerships for development grounded on the local dimension, among CSOs, LAs and young citizens
  • Include among the activities a combination of campaigns, awareness raising, communication, global learning activities implemented according to the principles of constructive communication
  • Focus on migration and/or climate change
  • Include a gender perspective

Particular attention will be paid to projects which:

  1. Include cooperation with journalists/professional communicators/media/experienced communicators
  2. Involve actors/partners in partner countries or territories as defined in the OECD DAC list, involved in their proposed action in order to ensure the inclusion of multicultural points of view on the targeted issues.

Eligible/non-eligible activities: please refer to the complete Call for Proposal NEW and the Financial Guidelines for Grantees

Financial allocation

The overall amount made available under this Call for Proposals is EUR 42.000

The EU contribution must fall between the following minimum and maximum amounts:

Minimum amount: EUR 5.000

Maximum amount: EUR 15.000

Any grant requested under this Call for Proposals may not exceed the maximum percentage of 90% of the total eligible costs of the Action.

The remaining 10% of the Action budget must be co-financed by the lead applicant and co-applicant(s) following the same eligibility criteria for the expenses. The co-financed part of the budget cannot be funded by sources from the European Union Budget or the European Development Fund.


Learning and exchange cycle

Granted lead applicants and co-applicants will be part of a learning and exchange cycle, composed by:

  • One online start-up seminar
  • Online capacity building meetings
  • One Mindchangers regional event in Craiova

The granted CSOs will benefit from technical support by COP staff throughout the implementation of their actions.


How to apply

NEW Deadline for submitting application files is 12th November 2021

Notification of award: December 2021 at the latest

Project Implementation period: from 1st January 2022 to 31st December 2022

Financial report: before 17th February 2023


The application form must be submitted IN ENGLISH and must be sent to cop@ongpiemonte.it with all the documents requested, listed below:

  1. Application Form NEW signed by the Legal Representative of the lead applicant (scanned PDF version)
  2. Budget formats (4 sheets printed, signed by the Legal Representative of the lead applicant and scanned in a PDF version)
  3. The official statutes of lead applicant and co-applicant(s) and the translation in English of parts of the statutes regarding: officially existing as a legal person, be non-profit-making, be established or based (headquarters or decentralised office) in the Dolj County, be working on sectors related to international cooperation and/or global citizenship education
  4. The approved Balance Sheets of the last 2 years of lead applicant and co-applicant(s)
  5. Brief Curriculum Vitae of the lead applicant and co-applicant(s) demonstrating to have carried out activities in the field of international cooperation, global citizenship education, awareness raising about SDGs, campaigning and communication for at least the last 2 years


Complete Call for Proposal NEW

Financial Guidelines for Grantees


Civil Society Organisations based in Dolj County, Romania, interested in participating to this Call for Proposal have the opportunity to participate to one Launch Seminar organised by COP-Consortium of Piedmont Ngos in order to present the Call, in October 2021.

To manifest their interest in participating to the seminar, CSOs are asked to fill in the following PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION FORM no later than 30th September 2021.

Mindchangers Launch Seminar – Dolj County, Romania



Consorzio delle Ong Piemontesi

Via Borgosesia 30, 10145 Torino, Italy

E-Mail: cop@ongpiemonte.it

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